About Printer (2)-Specific classification

In accordance with the principle points
According to the working principle of how to make milkshake without blender, the double ended strap on dildo printer-impact and non-impact two categories.
Serial dot matrix character non-impact printers inkjet and thermal printers two. ① ink-jet printer. The most widely used printer. The basic principle is charged inkjet fog point after the deflection of the electrode directly on the paper to form the desired glyph. Its advantage is composed of characters and images printed point than the needle much smaller dot matrix printer, and thus a high point resolution of characters, and a high printing quality and clarity. Flexibility to change the character size and font. Printing with plain paper, but also to take advantage of this typewriter direct printing on certain products. No mechanical wear in the formation process of characters and graphics, printing small energy consumption. Print speeds of up to 500 characters / sec. Charge control (high pressure) and random the inkjet type (negative pressure type) inkjet technology widely used, dry ink-jet printing technology has emerged in recent years. ② thermal printer. A pulse current flowing through the printhead point resistor generated heat to the thermal paper to make it heat discoloration, so as to print characters and images. The main feature is noise-free, light and small structure, clear printing. Disadvantage is slow, save poor handwriting. Printer Line Matrix character non-impact printer laser, electrostatic, magnetic, and light-emitting diode printer. ① laser printer. A laser beam issued by the laser light source via the character dot-controlled acousto-optic deflector modulation into the optical system, and through multi surface prism of the rotating photosensitive drum carried horizontal scanning, So on the photosensitive drum photoconductive thin film layer forming characters or images, an electrostatic latent image, after developing, transferring and fixing it on the paper to give the desired character or image. The main advantages are the high print speed, up to 20,000 lines / min or more. The printing of high-quality, low noise, and can use plain paper, printable characters, graphics, and images. Due to high printing speed, the macro point of view, as each page is printed, it is also known as a page printer. (2) electrostatic printers. Pulse voltage is directly added to the special paper having a layer of dielectric material so that on the dielectric guide to the electrostatic latent image, developing heat fixing to form characters and images. It is characterized by high-quality printing, handwriting does not fade, the long-term preservation, the power consumption of the latent image is generated, noise-free, simple and reliable. Requires the use of special paper, and high cost. The ③ magnetic printer. It is the application and development of electronic copying technology. Magnetic medium character latent image is formed, does not require high-power laser light source, the advantage is not sensitive to humidity and temperature changes. The printing speed of up to 8000 lines / min. The structure is simple and low cost. ④ light emitting diode printer. In addition to the light-emitting diode as a light source, which works similar to laser printers. As a result of the light-emitting diode, reduce costs, reduce the power consumption. Here you can find the best stim free pre workout.

By work
Dot matrix printers, dot matrix printers, inkjet printers, laser printers. Dot matrix printer by the physical contact of the printer and paper to print character graphics, the latter two by the jet toner to print character graphics.
By Purpose
Office and affairs of generic printer
Has occupied a leading position in this field of application, the dot matrix printer. Medium resolution and print speed dot matrix printer, cheap supplies, but also has a high-speed skip a line, multiple copies of printing, wide format printing, easy maintenance and so still print a report in the office and transaction processing, invoices, etc. preferred machines. Printer
Commercial Printer
Commercial printers commercial printing with the printer printing quality in this area is relatively high, and sometimes have to deal with the illustrated document, therefore, is generally used in high-resolution laser printer.
Dedicated printer
Dedicated printer generally refers to a variety of micro-printer, passbook printer, printer the flat push receipt printer, bar code printers, thermal printer for dedicated systems.
Home printer
Home printer supporting the home computer printer into the home, according to the characteristics of the family to use the printer, the low-end color inkjet printers becoming mainstream products.
Portable Printer
Supporting portable printers are generally used for laptops, small size, light weight, available battery-powered, portable.
Network printer
Network printer for network systems to provide printing services for the majority of people, thus requiring printer has a print speed, and can automatically switch to simulation mode and network protocols, network administrators can easily manage features.

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