How to conncect Printer to a computer

Printer installation is generally divided into two parts, one is the printer connected with the computer to install the printer driver, the other is inside the operating system. USB interface printer is installed, installed without shutting down the host computer and the printer case directly to the USB connection to the printer a connected printer, and the other end connected to the computer’s USB port can. Here you can find the best sugar free pre workout.
Connected to the printer with the computer in accordance with how to make a milkshake without a blender, the first turn on the printer, and then turn on the computer switch.
After entering the operating system, the system will be prompted to find a printer, the system you want to install the printer driver before you can use the printer. Operating system (such as Windows XP) with many printer drivers, you can automatically install the most common printer driver. If the operating system does not have this printer driver, you need the disk drive (floppy disk or CD-ROM) that came with the printer into the computer inside, according to the system prompts to install.
If the printer is directly connected to the local computer, select local printer; If the printer is not connected to the local computer, but the local computer via a network connection on another computer (using the printer on the other computer), and then select another printer. In this example, select a local printer. Click, the system will provide a list of printer manufacturer and printer model, you can use the Windows operating system print driver, select the printer driver in the list, and click. If the list is not a printer driver included with the printer, you can install the drivers provided by the manufacturer, if the operating system is Windows 2000/XP, after connection of a USB printer plugged into the computer’s USB port, the system will be prompted to find a new printer, the driver CD into the CD-ROM drive inside, follow the prompts and click “OK” button, the system begins to search for the printer driver, and then click the “OK” button, wait for the system to find the printer driver , the system begins to copy files from the CD, install the driver, and finally prompted the installation is complete, click “Finish” button.

The first step: the printer is connected to the host, turn the printer on, through the host of the “Control Panel” into the “Printers and Faxes” folder, click the right mouse button and select “Add Printer” command in the space, open the Add Printer Wizardwindow. Select “Local printer attached to this computer” and check the “Automatically detect and install Plug and Play printer” check box.
Step two: The host will conduct the detection of the new printer, and soon we will find already connected printer, follow the prompts that came with the printer driver CD-ROM drive, install a good printer driver in printers and Faxes “folder inside the printer icon appears.
The third step: in the newly installed printer icon, click the right mouse button, select “share” command, open the printer’s Properties dialog box, switch to the “Sharing” tab, select “Share this printer” and “shared the name “input box, fill in the need to share the name, such as CompaqIJ, click the” OK “button to complete the shared set.

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