The development of the laser printer

The laser printer was invented by Xerox Corporation in the late 1960s, using electrophotographic (Electro-photo-graphy) technology. The technique utilizes a laser beam scans the photosensitive drum, by controlling the on and off of the laser beam to pass the photosensitive drum to make the toner suction or not suck , and then the photosensitive drum let the adsorpted toner transfer onto the paper and finally forming a print result.The entire printing process in the laser printer can be divided into the the controller processing stage, the ink film and the transfer stage.

Compared with dot matrix printers and inkjet printers, laser printers have very obvious advantages.

(1) higher density. The laser printer has the resolution of 300dpi, 400dpi, 600dpi, 800dpi, 1200dpi, and 2400dpi and 4800dpi high resolution.

(2) higher speed. The lowest printing speed of the laser printer is 4ppm, generally 12ppm, 16ppm, some laser printers print speed can reach more than 24ppm.

(3) lower noise. Generally below 53dB, very suitable for use in a quiet office.

(4) higher processing ability. Laser printer controller’s CPU and memory controller is equivalent to the motherboard of the computer, so it can deals with complex word processing, image processing, graphics processing, which is a dot matrix printer and an inkjet printer can not be completed, but also this is the main difference between the page printer and a line printer.

The laser printer was invention early, but really popularize and promote util at  the beginning of the 1980s.
The laser printers development include the following aspects.
(1) The price declines significantly

The initial laser printer is a luxury and most people is not able to afford. The early 1980s, the Canon company make desktop laser printers commercialization and the formation of the bulk price declines, thus, laser printer before gradually began to promote the popularity and promotion, in turn, promote the price decline, the pace of development is fast, and this situation is rare in the computer and its peripherals products. Early 1997, Hewlett-Packard took the lead in most laser printers price further reduced, other companies have also lowered the price, approaching ordinary laser printer machine price $500.
(2) movement performance has greatly improved

As a laser printer the key components of the movement, including machinery, optical integration technology, these technological advances in recent years has promoted the improvement of the movement performance. Two years ago, the popularity of laser printers movement generally 600dpi, the movement now are generally 240000dpi, or even higher; speed from 4ppm, 8ppm development to 16ppm, 24ppm.
(3) control technology has improved steadily

Controller is the soul of a laser printer, it directly affects the performance of the printer: First, the controller uses the processor (CPU) the from single Motorola68000 development to now RISC chips such as Intel’s i960, AMD’s 29000, its processing power significantly strengthened; Second, the industry standard laser printer page description language (PDL) has been formed, PostScript has become a standard language for high-end laser printer; HPPCL language to become middle and low standard laser printer fact. Laser printer either has one of the languages of the simulation, or both; Once again, the resolution enhancement technology (RET smoothing technique is also called) and Memory Enhancement technology (MET, also known as memory compression technology) and other new technology, and more and more manufacturers have mastered.

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