Different Types Of Printer

Dot matrix printer
Dot matrix printer for a long time in the history of the printer used to occupy an important position, from 9-pin to 24-pin dot matrix printer history throughout the decades always. The reason why the dot matrix printer is not bad pop a long time in a very long period of time, which is inseparable with its extremely low cost of printing and good ease of use as well as special-purpose printing documents. Of course, it is very low print quality, a lot of work noise is that it can not adapt to the high-quality, high-speed commercial printing needs root knot, so now only in banks, supermarkets and other few places for votes in a single print You can see traces of it.
Color inkjet printer
Printer color inkjet printer because of its advantage of good printing results with lower price, thus occupying the majority of the low-end market. In addition, the ink-jet printer also has a more flexible paper handling capabilities, on the choice of the print media, inkjet printers also have certain advantages: both can print envelopes, letterheads and other ordinary media, you can also print a variety of film, photo paper, as below will focus on the introduction of the CD cover, rolls, T-shirt transfer paper and other special media.
Laser Printer
The laser printer is a high-tech development in recent years of a new product, is also expected to replace a inkjet printer models, divided into two black-and-white and color, it provides us with a higher quality, faster, more cost print mode. The price of low-end monochrome laser printer has been reduced to a few hundred dollars, reached the acceptable level of ordinary users. Its printing principle is to use a raster image processor generates To print the bit map of the page, and then convert the electrical signal such as a series of pulses sent to the laser transmitter, under the control of this series of pulses, the laser is a regular released. Meanwhile, the reflected beam is received by the photosensitive drum to light. Generating a laser emitting point is blank when the laser beam is not emitted, so that a line of points to be printed on the receiver. The receiver then rotated a short fixed distance on to continue to repeat the above operation. When the paper through the photosensitive drum, the drum of the colorant will be transferred to the paper, the printed page bitmap. Finally, when the paper after a pair of heated rollers, the colorant is heated and melted, and fixed in the paper, to complete the whole process of printing, this entire process is accurate and efficient. Although more expensive than the price of laser printers inkjet printer, but the single-page printing costs speaking, laser printers will have to be much cheaper. The high price of color laser printers, almost every up and down in the yuan, a narrow range of applications, it is difficult to be a normal user to accept, this is not too much to introduce.
Other printers
In addition to the above three most common printers, thermal transfer printers and large format printers applied several professional printer models. Thermal transfer printers using the transparent dye print, it has the advantage of professional high-quality image printing, you can print out pictures of nearly continuous tone photo to, generally used in the prepress and professional graphics output. Large-format printer, print Principles and inkjet printers are basically the same, but the print width can reach 24 inches (61cm) above. Its main use has been concentrated in the areas of engineering and construction. But with the increase of its ink durability improved graphics resolution, large format printers began to be more and more used in commercial production, the field sharply photography, pictorial arts and interior decoration publicity, but also become the printer family important one.
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