history of the development of Printer 2

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The birth of the world’s first inkjet printer in 1976
1976 piezoelectric ink point control technology came
1979 Bubble Jet Bubble advent of inkjet technology
Canon Company in August 1980 for the first time the bubble jet technology applied to its inkjet printer Y-80, was the beginning of the history of inkjet printers.
In 1991 the first color inkjet printers, large format printers
1994 Micro Piezo print technology was introduced.
1996 Lexmark utilization of EXCIMER argon (ARGON) / the fluorine (FLUMRINE) laser cutting technology introduced the world’s first 1200 * 1200dpi ultra-high-resolution color inkjet printer Lexmark CJ7000
1998 also has the world’s first color PHYSICOCHEMICAL 1440dpi maximum resolution and six-color printing capabilities EPSON Stylus Photo700 launch in 1998 the world’s first 7-color photo printer Canon BJC-7100 was born in 1999 do not use the computer to play A4 color inkjet photo printer EpsonIP-100 turned out to

2000 first color inkjet printer supports automatic duplex printing HP DJ970Cxi born.
In 2003 the world’s first application of the eight-color ink technology digital photo printer HP Photosmart 7960 advent of the spring of 2005, the birth of the world’s first 9-color photo printer HP Photosmart 8758
In 1976, the birth of the first inkjet printer inkjet printing technology as early as 1960, it was suggested that, but after 16 years of the first commercial inkjet printer before the birth of IBM original IBM4640 using Europe Sweden Luther industrial technology College professors Hertz and his colleagues developed, called continuous inkjet technology. The so-called continuous ink jet is either stamped or non-stamped, are produced in a continuous manner droplets, then the non-stamped ink droplets recovered or dispersed. But this technique is almost with droplets of ink dots printed onto the paper, the effect of the differential is conceivable, so in reality no practical value.
1976 piezoelectric ink-point control technology came the and IBM4640 same year, the the three Siemens technology pioneer researchers Zoltan, Kyser and Sear successful piezo ink dots in the same year R & D development control technology (EPSON predecessor) and successfully used in Seimens Pt-80, this printer production in 1978 sales, to become a commercial value in the world’s first inkjet printer.
1979 Bubble Jet bubble inkjet technology researcher advent of Japan’s Canon successfully developed the the Bubble Bubble Jet ink-jet technology, this technology uses fuser instantaneous heating of the ink on the nozzle will produce bubbles formation pressure, so that the ink from the nozzle then take advantage of the physical properties of the ink itself cooling hot bubbles fade, to take to achieve control dots in and out with the size of a double purpose. Here a little story, referring to the company’s day in July 1977, the Tokyo Meguro Canon product technology Institute 22 laboratory Endo Ichiro, when the experiment is carried out in the laboratory, accidentally heated soldering iron on injection attachment of the needle from the needle quickly flying out of ink. Inspired, two years after the invention of the bubble inkjet technology. At the same time, HP also invented the the essentially same technology that HP and Canon are unanimously declared its own researchers invented the first ink-jet printing technology, in order to establish their own position in the field of inkjet printing. However, the “bubble” concept has been Canon snatched, HP had named this Thermal Ink-Jet.
In August 1980, Canon first bubble jet technology applied to its inkjet printer Y-80. From the beginning of the history of the ink-jet printer.
In 1991, the first color inkjet printers, large-format the printer appears Hewlett-Packard HP deskjet 500C is the world’s first color inkjet printer, June 1994, domestic only local transformation products HP DeskJet 525Q. The HP DesignJet was Hewlett-Packard for the first time its thermal inkjet printing technology applications to large-format printer, the launch of the world’s first monochrome large format inkjet printer. Color inkjet printer, the emergence of large-format printing are the most important milestone in the history of inkjet printers.
In 1994, the advent of the Micro Piezo print technology

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