Printer Consumables

Original supplies, general supplies, compatible supplies; divided into domestic and imported; the domestic Lenovo lattice grid, Xinge.; The general original print quality best domestic cost-effective, quality is also good. Some can be comparable and original. There are several varieties: cartridges, ink cartridges, toner, ribbon. Depending on the type of printer property of their owners.
Points according to the printer type, printer supplies can probably be classified as follows:
Dot matrix printer ribbon. Dot matrix printer ribbon, points broadband and narrowband. Part of the ribbon can be replaced individually, with replacement of the part of the ribbon to be even ribbon rack. Necessary, replace the ink ribbon of different colors; printer ribbon
Laser printer toner cartridge. Some laser printer toner cartridge can be separated, the toner is used up, you can easily fill the toner, and then continue to use the until the cartridge Aging replace; Some laser printer toner and drum is one of the toner runs out after the cartridge to be discarded, and a certain amount of waste. The toner cartridges cost accounting for a significant proportion of the whole cost.
An ink jet printer, ink, integrated cartridges. Inkjet printer, there is, according to print different colors, four colors, the five colors, or six colors, such as several, printer ink generally can be individually replaced one color of ink, rather than as the early years of the ink jet printer, one color ink runs out, you need a printer toner together with the rest of the colors from the replace wasteful. Some printer runs out of ink, just change the empty ink print nozzles can permanently use this printer benefits of lower-cost ink-downside is that if the print head several times, the print quality is good decreased also prone to clogging nozzle printer to be repaired or scrapped; Some printer nozzle and ink together is one of the serious, replace the cartridge, together with the bottom of the cartridge nozzle together replace him such cartridges cost comparison expensive, the benefits of this printer does not appear nozzle clogging problems indeed clogged, replace the print cartridge, the printer can use, print quality can be maintained beautifully.
Relatively speaking, the cost of use of the ribbon is the cheapest one downside is that the result is not satisfactory print color text and graphics can not be hit; the cost of the most expensive laser printer toner cartridges, print the highest accuracy, but the print color as effective as spray The ink printer; inkjet printer ink cartridges, moderate use of cost print color effect is the best, high precision printing, general inkjet color remains less than laser durable, long time to fade in color, moisture facilitation.

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