history of the development of Printer 1

The rapid development of the Internet, it was predicted that the paperless era is approaching the end of the printer has to. However, the global paper consumption is growing every year to double the speed double sided vibrating strap on printer sales are increasing at an average of nearly 8% rate. All this indicates that the printer will not only not disappeared, and will develop more and more to fast, increasingly broad application areas. From the emergence of the world’s first printer in 1885, and later a variety of dot matrix printers, inkjet printers and laser printers, they are each at different times leading the trend, today we are seeking the footsteps of history, technology, brand with three aspects of the product, the application of the market and target consumers, recalling the glorious history of the inkjet printer, a simple analysis PHYSICOCHEMICAL future trends. The basic working principle of the technology of inkjet printers are the first to generate ink droplets, small ink droplets are guided to a position set re-use ink-jet head, the ink droplet is smaller, the printed image is more clear. The basic principle looks very simple, but the operation will not be so simple. As the principles of calculus is not complicated, how complex is the same. Here inkjet printer several technical breakthroughs in the historic chronicle.

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