Overview of laser printers

 the basic structure
The laser printer is a laser, acousto-optic modulator, high-frequency drive, double sided strap on scanner, synchronizer, and the light deflector, whose role is to binary dot information modulated on the laser beam is sent by the interface circuit, and after scanning to the photosensitive body. The photoreceptor and photographic institutions electrophotographic transferring system, the graphic image onto the photosensitive drum is transferred onto the printing paper, the principle is the same with the copier. A laser printer is a combination of laser scanning technology and electronic imaging technology nonimpact output device. Its different models, there are also differences in the printing functions, but the operating principle is substantially identical, to go through: charging, exposure, developing, transferring, elimination, cleaning, fixing a seven step, which has a five step around the photosensitive drum . When the text to be printed or an image input to the computer through their computer software preprocessing. And then converted by the printer driver into the printer can recognize a print command (printer language) sent to the high frequency drive circuit to control the ON and OFF of the laser emitter to form dot matrix laser beam, then by scanning rotating mirror for electronic imaging systems the axial scanning exposure of the photosensitive drum, to achieve vertical scanning is rotated by the photosensitive drum itself.

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The photosensitive drum is a photosensitive device, the characteristics of the light conduction. A coating material for the surface of the light guide before the scanning exposure by the charging roller charged to a uniform charge. When the laser beam in the lattice form of bursts to the photosensitive drum, the point being scanned due to exposure and conduction by the conductive substrate, the charge is released rapidly. No exposure point still maintain the original charge, so that the surface of the photosensitive drum to form the location of a potential difference latent image (electrostatic latent image), when with the electrostatic latent image on the photosensitive drum rotates to contain the toner magnetic roller , oppositely charged toner is adsorbed to the surface of the photosensitive drum to form a toner image. Here you can find the best stimulant free preworkout.
When containing the toner image of the photosensitive drum continues to rotate, and to reach the image transfer device, a printing paper is also sent to the middle of the photosensitive drum and the image transfer device, the image transfer device at the back of the printing paper to cast a strong voltage, image to attract the toner on the photosensitive drum to printing paper, and then containing the toner image on printing paper fed to the high-temperature fixing device warmed, pressurized hot melt toner melted immersed into the printing paper, the final output is printed text or image.

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