how laser printer internally works?

The laser beam emitted by the laser light deflecting mirror incident acoustic modulator, Meanwhile, the binary graphic lattice information sent by the computer, from the interface to the glyph generator, the formation of the desired glyph binary pulse information, the signal generated by the synchronization controller controls the nine high-frequency oscillator, and then by the frequency synthesizer and the power amplifier is added to the acousto-optical modulator, for modulating the incident laser beam by the reflection mirror. Modulated beam into the multi-faceted rotating mirror shot after wide-angle focusing mirror focuses the beam to the surface of the photoconductive drum (drum), the angular velocity scan into line speed scanning, complete the scanning process.

Pole charging the drum surface of the first charge to obtain a certain potential, after which contains graphic image information of the laser beam exposure, then at the surface of the drum to form an electrostatic latent image through the magnetic brush developing device developing the latent image into visible toner image, passes through the transfer zone, the electric field under the action of the transfer electrode, the toner will transfer to plain paper, and finally through the preheating plate and the high temperature heat roller fixing, i.e. on paper fused text and images. In print graphic information before, cleaning roller toner transfer did not go clear eraser lamp to drum on the residual charge cleared, then cleaning paper system for thorough cleaning, you can enter the new one work cycle.

Laser printer exactly how to print fine text and graphics? In fact, the printing process is basically the same as laser printers and copiers. For laser printers, the images in the Print action occurred before had produced. First, the computer need to print the contents of the conversion into the computer read it to understand the code, these codes and then transmitted to the printer. In this case, the printer language, then these codes deciphered into a lattice pattern – this deciphering process is very important. The dot pattern on the monitor screen printer language pattern is exactly the same, this consistency is laser printers have been pursuing WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) “. Deciphered after lattice pattern is sent to the laser generator, the content of the laser generator according to the pattern made on and off the reaction quickly, the laser beam is projected onto a charging rotary drum on the surface of the drum all by laser irradiation to The place charge are freed but still with a charge, while the laser does not shine.

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