Color laser printer features

1 Fast print speed, at least three color pages, 16 black and white pages per minute.

2 Effectency is nearly equivalent to the effectency of inkjet 1440dpi, 600dpi or more.

3 True color, color laser printer imaging principle similar to printing, color reproduction than inkjet.

4 Doesn’t need special paper,  you can easily print out the effect of the photo quality.

5 Low printing costs, the cost of color printing is 10 times lower than inkjet and also toner will not evaporate.

6 Print color has nothing to do with the paper, plain paper, glossy, copper, print results, especially little color difference, expensive photo paper or inkjet paper but not good, and prone to paper jams.

7 Supports network printing, most laser printer users are companies, enterprises, and supports network printing is a necessary option.

8  Can be automatic two-sided printing, automatic duplex printing function can be increased by adding adapters, some color laser printer also comes standard with this feature (for example: the Minolta QMS MC2DLD and MC2 + D)

9 Large-capacity paper boxes, color laser printer comes standard tray can put at least 250, do not need a one feed, some two cartons, which can put two different specifications of the paper.

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