Printer to help stem cell development

To obtain stem cells and its training to become a desired cell is not easy, because the body tissue is very complex, and is composed of a variety of different types of cells, they must be in the correct mode to be stratified to the normal operation. The scientists came up with a system, they put a layer of nutritional protein on a 2.54 cm square glass slide, then the ink-jet printer with an automatic control on top of a small amount of protein spray into a special form, which allows cells survival, growth and differentiation. Then, the stem cells on the such mold growth, it will form a different cell.
In order to design a new cell printer, Calvert to the electronic device stores later jet printer, modified its core components, and is controlled by software installed in the laboratory within a device. Calvert said: “What you see in the middle of the machine it is things like inkjet cartridges However, the spray nozzle is not the color of ink, but different types of cell culture medium, although this cell printing devices still use the micro dot matrix print mode, the cell culture medium was not damaged. ”
Calvert hopes that this technology is capable of producing a miniature organs for medical testing. He also hoped that future human beings can be manufactured in accordance with the needs of available organs for transplant.

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